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Termite Treatment Sydney

Termites are small insects with a segment of six legs with or without wings. They look similar to ants and they are about 1/4 to 1/2 inches in length. Some species of termites are as long as one inch. They live in colonies and keep on eating your commercial as well as residential properties for continuously 24 hours. About 100,000 homes are attacked by termite every year in Australia causing damages worth millions of dollars and take away the peace of your mind. Effective termite treatment, Sydney is required on time to treat and control them. Signs of the termite inspection, Sydney in the house and offices

Termites can enter your homes and offices from anywhere and require regular checks. Following are some of the signs when you are doing termite inspection, Sydney:

  • Noise- You may hear sounds of head banging against the wood while termites feed on the woodwork or structure.
  • Flying at night: Termites with wings fly at night.
  • Mistaken for white ants: You may notice white ants moving around in light colour. Actually, you are confused, they are termites instead.
  • Stiff windows and doors: Termites dampen the wooden items such as doors, windows etc. and it becomes tough to open.
  • Tunnels: The presence of tunnels or galleries, broken pieces of wood etc.
  • Black trail: The colonies of termites leave a black trail where they eat walls.

How Pest Away Termite and Pest Control provide Termite Treatment, Sydney?

When you suspect a termite infestation in your house or office, it is time to take professional help from Pest Away Termite and Pest Control for termite treatment, Sydney as well as termite control, Sydney. Before these irritating termites target your place as well as your neighbour’s places, instead of beginning with the repairs and reconstruction, call Pest Away Termite and Pest Control and get rid of these stubborn ‘’wood and wall-eaters’’.

The trained, professional technicians of Pest Away Termite and Pest Control use the right tools, chemicals, technology and equipment for eradicating termites from your place and take away your stress.

What are Termites?

Termites control are related to the cockroach family – Termites totally feed on your home for their food. Termites in Australia cause an excess amount of damage to houses and commercial properties every year. Getting Termite inspection done timely can save your property from damage and excess amount of expenditure that termites can lead to, they cause millions of dollars loss to the residential and commercial properties each year and surprisingly insurance companies do not cover any loss caused by termites to the wood,floor structures of the building.

Pest away pest control is a leading operator in termite prevention with advanced tools and equipments for inspection of your house for survey and treatment, as our Technicians are TAFE qualified and with combined experience of over 40 years in pest control industry.

Several main termite infestation area in Sydney resembles to be throughout Sydney like Northern beaches and from woollongong to other areas.

We highly recommend termite inspection at each and every property to be inspected each year as per australian standards 3660.1.

Their presence and Elimination

They once ready to set up a colony means they are ready to target new house instance could be your house next to the neighbours to look for queen and they can fly and target houses in radius of 5km of surrounding area. Moreover a thing of caution is that amongst of all the insects,bugs,mice and rats and other pests that causes havoc for the house owners, nothing is more dangerous than termites. They are the only one to have ability to ruin the whole house and destroy the foundation and walls of the house as well as the wooden floors in just a couple of years leaving you to costing damage of thousands of dollars. There have been scenarios where people affected by termite damage to their property never bought house again.It is never too late to get a ease to your mind by getting a inspection for termites done and securing your home from damage before its too late,your home is one of the biggest investment you’ve made and is also the most important key to protect your house from the attack of the termites and eliminate them from your house if invaded your house. This can be taken care of by a professionals in the field of pest & termite control locally operated and owned.

Book us for inspection today and secure your house from the damage and get peace of mind keeping your house free from white ants.

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