Ant Control

Ants Control

Often entering in the building premises, you will observe them around in kitchens and other areas surrounded by food, and rubbish bins.

Ants Control Sydney are incredibly intelligent creatures. Although harmless, they can be irritating when they get into your home or business premises.

Here are some Interesting factors for your knowledge about ants:-

  • The total weight of all the ants in the world is the same, if not larger than all humans added together.
  • Ants Control Sydney are enough capable of carrying objects 50 times their own body weight with their mandibles.
  • Foraging worker ants can travel up to 200 metres from their nest and find their way back to the colony by following scent trails left by others.
  • Ants communicate and cooperate by using pheromones that can alert others to danger or lead them to a promising food source.
  • Ants Control can survive underwater for 24 hours.
  • Ants control belong to the insect order class Hymenoptera. They are close relatives of bees and wasps.
  • Each colony can hold up to half a million ants. They can all get up and go very quickly if the colony is threatened.
  • A Worker ants lives for up to 7 years, while a queen can live for up to 15 years.

Negative impacts of ants infestation

Food poisoning – ants can cause food poisoning by contaminating the food because you don’t know where they crawled from could be trash or trail from the bin.

Sting bites – Ant bites though harmless, can be itchy and irritation can occur.

Health Risks – Ants control are part of a healthy ecology on the earth. They may carry bacteria but harmless to humans.


We time to time observe that ants are making their way into the homes, the first step you would initiate would be to use bug spray on them. However , we do not know how rapidly the ant colonies build up and can spread around your house and cause a bad reputation of your home by crawling around kitchen or penatry area.

There are numerous different types of ants, they all live in a colony where they will continue to multiply, size of all ants are same in the world. Team of soldier ants are always there to protect themselves as well as worker ants who help to bring in the food and keep the nest clean in the ant colony.

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